Thankyou for visiting our website.
We are not the biggest manufacturer of torque mulipliers in the world.
Neither do we have the biggest prices in the world.
Our quality, however, will match anyone in the world.
Our products are manufactured on modern CNC machines.
Our steels are the highest-grade certified steels.
We were asked once by an old tool buyer from the oilfields of Texas:
"Why are your multipliers priced for several hundreds of dollars and
everyone else's are priced for several thousands of dollars?"
Our answer was simple:
"No carpeting, no secretaries, no air-conditioning, no lawyers."
(He understood. He bought ten.)
The mantra above has become our guiding philosophy.
The mantra below explains where we come from and where we are going.
"We have dirty hands and we use our own tools".
Our family has farmed continously for thirteen generations since arriving in Jamestown.
We know what it takes to change the blades on a disc.
In Oklahoma during the Dustbowl, the younger brothers took to the oilfields.
We also know what it takes to sequentially tighten a pipeline valve flange.
Many of the novel attributes of our tools were designed by us to fulfill a specific need.
Working well, these attributes became a permanent part of the design.

Our founder was an American mathematician/physicist/engineer in Moscow after the demise of the Soviet Union.
He was there as a commercial liason to the Russian Academy of Sciences,
specifically the Institute for Fiber Optics and Computing.
Since the prevailing monthly wage in Russia in 1993 was about $25 and the temperature often minus 25,
economic expediency dictated some extraordinary measures.
He began the manufacture of torque multipliers of his own design in Minsk, Byelorussia.

Old "Number 1"

Initially serving the Scandinavian market,
he was able to sell over 2000 units to Sweden in the 1990's.
His company, Rus-Tool, was the first private Russian company to exhibit in a trade fair at
the Cologne International Hardware Show in Germany (Köln Eisenwarren Messe) in 1994.
In 1996, he returned to St. Louis, Missouri to co-found, build and help finance
the world-famous City Museum of St. Louis.
He moved his entire production capabilities to Hermann, Missouri due to deteriorating conditions in Byelorussia.
By 2001, the cost of building two lawyers into every torque multiplier coupled with
the post-911 commodities price-spike in the price of crucible steels caused him to move his
operations to Taiwan, where he teamed with a dedicated manufacturer who could meet his exacting standards.
In fact, this manufacturer was so adept, Mammoth adopted his forgings for the outer ring gear
while retaining the original tri-crowned internal gear geometry.
Our company still produces very high-end exotic gearboxes in the United States.
We work with a specialist EDM shop to produce cutting-edge designs of hypo-cycloidal differential gearboxes.
We are a leading researcher and builder of hypo-cycloidal differential gearboxes in the world.
We have produced a 200,000-to-1 ratio gearbox with just seven moving parts.
The input shaft is the size of a pencil and the output shaft the size of an elephant's leg.
These are often produced in titanium and used in aerospace design.
Similar devices are used to control nuclear fuel rod positioning where extreme accuracy is required versus brute force.
We welcome your inquiries regarding our designs.
We are currently based in a rural environment in Southern Illinois.
We are within sight of the St. Louis Arch.
We have given our founder a broom and some chocolates and a pencil and some paper.
Just last week, he developed a new design for an inverted hypo-cycloidal differential gearbox.
He will not disclose any details. We think he is holding out for more chocolate.

Attention gearhouses: We would dearly love to move some production back to the United States.
You are welcome to submit offers for the production of any of our current models.
For obvious reasons, we do not broadcast our specifications widely.